About Us

Iron Press Kennels History

Iron Press Kennels (IPK) a name chosen with meaning. The words “IRON PRESS” refer to the impression the breed has stamped upon us and the impression we intend on leaving on the breed. We are a small group of individuals set out to maintain and produce the ORIGINAL ISLAND DOG. In 1996 we started researching the breed in depth, from books to actual in person testimony and phone conversations with different breeders.  A few things we kept hearing from island breeders were that structure, type and attitude was a key element in preserving the Perro De Presa as a breed. Type for true (original) form as they were on the cattle farms and homes of many natives. Attitude for usefulness and capability in order to be an effective tool to do the job at hand. Perro De Presa had many jobs but their two main tasks were 1) Guardian, 2) Cattle Dog.

At Iron Press Kennels we try to consistently produce a well balanced, even tempered working dog. A dog with working capabilities that will work tends to be a much more confidant stable animal. All of the animals at IPK are directly imported or from imported parents except one. The one that is from here in the USA has a lot of desirable qualities (temperament/build) that we will use in our breeding. We have found imported animals tend to have a little more drive than local bred animals. Not to say that there are no local breeders with exceptional animals but we chose the route of importing. There are breeders in the Canary Island (Spain ) that still have partial or some animals with blood from the original stock (working / guard) lines. After carefully interviewing breeders in Spain , overseas and outside the USA , we contacted two kennels Vulcan Kennels ( Canada ) and Ordepaifos Kennels ( Spain ) both kennels have dogs that are from old working lines.