Tips on Grooming Your Dog

If you want to properly care for your dog, it is essential that you should groom it on a regular basis. Regular grooming will ensure that your pet will have a nice, healthy coat due to an increase in the number of skin oils, less number of skin problems, less dirtying the areas around the house and car and of course, a sweet and obedient dog just as you wished it to be. Most importantly, if you groom your dog yourself, the bonding that exists between the two of you will only grow deeper and deeper. Also, a professional grooming service will charge you anything between $50 and $100 each time you take your dog to it. You can save this money if you do it on your own. Many say that you can do the job as competently as the professional groomer with a little bit of training and knowledge.
For doing it yourself, you may need some tips.

To begin with, you should always use environmentally safe and animal friendly (non-toxic) substances when grooming your dog. For the best results, groom the dog’s whole body including the legs, tail, and underbody. Some dogs need grooming from the skin outward for a healthy coat of hair. Prior to cutting your dog’s coat, you should comb through the unseen healthy hair and remove the falling hair. You can groom a dog all at once depending on how it reacts.

A healthy dog always looks better which is why it is important that you take your dog to the vet for yearly check-ups. Additionally, trim its nails so that the dog can keep the health of its feet and pads. Diet is also a key factor. If your dog’s diet is inadequate, it will show up in its fur. If its fur turn rough, patchy or dull, be sure your dog is getting the nutrition it should. If its fur stays glossy or fluffy, thick and filled-in, you have nothing to worry about as these are signs of good health. If you feel that there is something wrong with your dog’s diet, you can switch foods or supplement the regular food with vitamins. You should avoid the use of treats as added nutrition. You should use anti-flea and tick medications and try to prevent heartworm as these are essential for keeping your dog healthy. Popular medicines like Advantage can be administered on a monthly basis that will keep your dog away from parasites.

Regular hair-brushing not only makes your dog look beautiful, but also keeps it healthy. Brushing will remove your dog’s knots and tangles, and also give it some additional, loving contact which it longs for. You will get the best results if you brush your dog daily, searching for ticks or fleas. Brushing will reduce its fur-shedding, making sure that you have a slightly cleaner house and a less frumpy pet.

To ensure that it does not make a fuss, start bathing your dog while its young. If the dog is bathed at a young age, it learns to enjoy the experience rather than considering it a torture. Many dogs also are ready to accept some amount of shampoo while bathing. Obviously, outdoor dogs need bathing more often than indoor dogs. Once you bathe your dog with a gentle pet shampoo, dry your dog as well as you can with a fluffy towel, and, for a more efficient drying, let it shake the water off a number of times. If it’s cold outside, keep the dog inside till it’s dry. If it goes outside, a dog may roll in dirt just to get back that outdoors-doggie smell the bath removed.

Wipe your dog’s face with its own washcloth or a damp paper towel and remove the little, crusty, nasty bits that sometimes cling to its eyes or nose. Clean the outside of his ears, but be careful never to poke around on the inside. You may get bitten if you ever try that. Watch out for its paw pads in all kinds of weather. In cold weather, paws can become frostbitten; if the weather is hot, they can be burned. You can keep your dog warm with just a sweatshirt in cold weather.

If you groom your own dog following these tips, you will get even closer to your dog and save some money as well.

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